The man who reached the lights

..Marriage and conversion were two important events in Tolstoy’s life. Young Tolstoy’s first experience in literature was the translation of An Emotional Journey to France and Italy. Stern’s influence on his early work was significant. However, Tolstoy later called him a deceitful writer. In 1851, Leo Tolstoy wrote his first short story, The History of Yesterday, which featured a creative form of writing. In 1852 he finished his first novel “Childhood” and was able to gain a good place in Russian literature thanks to its success. Marriage and conversion were two important events in Tolstoy’s life. He married a 16-year-old girl named Sophie Tolstoy, and they had 14 children. Tolstoy’s wife helped him a lot in writing his works, especially War and Peace. Tolstoy rewrote the draft of this great work, which was 1400 pages, seven times. In 1862, Leo published a magazine in which he promoted his own ideas. In 1880 he wrote the book Confession, in which he officially declared his conversion to Orthodoxy. Tolstoy declared his new religion to be the love of Christ and the belief in the salvation of mankind without the domination of the church, and this led to his orthodoxy by the Orthodox Church. Later, in a book called The Key to Peace, he declared his complete devotion to the Bah به’ آ Faith. Those interested in his works can find a glimpse of his real life in this article. “Adolescence” and “Youth” was published between 1852 and 1856. “War and Peace,” published in 1869, is one of the world’s literary masterpieces, featuring 580 fictional and historical figures. Tolstoy died on November 7, 1910, at the age of 82. Charles Dickens, Aristotle, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Plato, and Nicolas Gogol were among his inspiring writers and philosophers.

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